"This is the best dance camp that I have ever attended!"

- Bria W.

"The motivational speakers really helped me become stronger."

- Desiree E.

"I love V-STAR !"

- Kasha A.

"I really enjoyed the camp! I didn’t want to leave”

Precious D.

"I believe V-STAR is a great organization that all girls should be apart of... It is fun and it also provides us with great life lessons”

- Rolonda W.

 "V-STAR has given me self-confidence and as long as I have faith in myself I will become a V-STAR young lady."

- Aashia W.

"V-STAR is not only a dance program, but an outreach that shapes future Virtuous, Sophisticated, Talented, Amazingly, Remarkable women."

 - Shyla H.

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