Our Pledge

VSTAR was founded March 19, 2010 by Pernilla  Turner. VSTAR is a  501(c) (3) Non- Profit Organization created in an effort to give female youth the guidance and support that is needed through establishing virtuous, sophisticated talented amazingly remarkable females into becoming successful change agents in their community and to the world. It is because of a thriving desire to assist those who are economically disadvantaged yet possess a tenacious desire to achieve excellence that VSTAR stands on its principles.

VSTAR is geared towards establishing virtuous, sophisticated talented amazingly remarkable females by equipping them with tools to improve their quality of life. Essentially, through the investment of females, V-STAR focuses on developing positive female identities and providing awareness about life, education, and professionalism to create a woman of work, wealth, and wisdom.

VSTAR is dedicated to providing young females between the ages of 3-18 in economically disadvantaged areas with counseling, mentoring, leadership, guidance in continuing education, with the enforcement of accountability to themselves, family, community, and assistance in developing a professional foundation for females to become marketable and successful in desired career fields.