Dance Class Philosophy


The VSTAR team believes in ensuring that our children reach their goals. VSTAR was formed in March of 2010 to encourage the continuation of dance as well as embrace female youth by increasing their physical activities, revitalizing their health factors, and allowing them to increase their muscular endurance and strength. Additionally, featured guests also address the participants on topics that include but are not limited to: personal hygiene, health awareness, physical awareness, coping with stress, education, professionalism, and ways maintain a positive attitude.

In addition to the monthly dance clinics are the Summer Dance Camps that are held yearly. These week-long sessions include a variety of dance styles that include tap, jazz, hip hop, hip hop funk, lyrical, praise dance, novelty, modern, and technique. Experienced instructors work with participants in small and large group settings in efforts to prepare for the Dance Showcase at the end of the camp session. There is also a panel of special guests invited to speak in empowerment star sessions for the female youth throughout the duration of the camp. An extension to our dance clinics and camps are our dance classes. We offer ballet, jazz, and modern throughout the year. A recital is performed twice a year for young ladies enrolled in our dance classes. Spaces in classes are limited. Please check our calendar for schedules and registration deadlines. Dance clinics, camp sessions and specialty classes are open to all female youth, ages 3-18 individuals and dance teams.




At VSTAR we believe that every STAR is special and important. It is our goal to re-enforce and remind our clients of how vital they are and that all are welcome within the facility. Being a part of a team is a huge commitment and it requires cooperation and effort from every single member of the class.

Dance Class Specifics


Please remember that each STAR must attend classes regularly. Make-up classes are not permitted unless class is cancelled due to weather conditions.
Please email or contact us at 832.455.4420.

Dance Class / Training:
*1 class/week = $50/ month  

*2 classes/ week = $80/ month  

*3 classes/week =  $110/ month 

*4 classes/week = $140/month 

*Competition Team =$75/ month

*Private Classes = $56/hour

Please note that there is a one time registration fee of $25 per participant per semester.




Additional Fees:

Costume Fee: $60-$100 per individual

Performance/ Recital Fee: $75 per individual 


Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. After the 5th day of the month there will be a $20 late fee
One session = 1 month
*Sessions are ongoing. (consecutive sessions are necessary for noticeable improvement)

Class size: 10-15 spaces per age group

Tiny Stars = 3-5 year old

Mini Stars = 5-8 year old

Junior Stars = 9- 11 year old

Senior Stars = 12-18 year old


Spring Classes Begin January 23, 2016

Location of classes: DSPOT -2ND FLOOR- 9745 Bissonnet Houston, Texas 77036

Monday: Jazz  530-630PM, 630-730PM, 730-830PM

Thursday: Hip Hop     530-630PM, 630-730PM

Saturday: Ballet 900-1000AM, 1000-1100AM, 1100-1200PM


All class payments are non–refundable

Required Class Attendance: In order for your Star to perform for our dance recital Your Star Must attend 90% of scheduled classes.


Required Dance Class Attire

Hip Hop

  • Solid Black yoga pants- relaxed fit
  • Any "VSTAR" t-shirt
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sports bras



  • Black Leotard scoop neck (short or long sleeve)
  • Pink tights
  • Black tights
  • Pink ballet slippers



  • Black leggings
  • Black leotard
  • Black jazz shoes

Illness or Injury

If a student is too ill to dance please keep them at home, so that they can rest and become better. Do not send them to the studio where germs are easily passed and the other students can be easily distracted. If your star misses 2 or more classes there is a strong possibility that she will not know the choreography for the recital.

A dancer’s body is their instrument; healthy eating habits and good sleeping habits are essential to a young dancer. There are no make-up classes. Your star will have to catch up on any missed pieces that she may not be familiar with upon her return.

Hair and Make-up

Hair must be worn away from the face (preferably pushed back into a pony tail or bun)

Make-up will be worn for dress rehearsals and all performances.

Please email or contact our Administrator at the front desk for questions or concerns.