We are VSTAR


VSTAR is an organization geared toward saving all females in underprivileged areas by providing them
with more opportunities through expanding their horizons. VSTAR is a threefold organization that
offers exposure in the area of dance, mentoring, and charm. Each component of the VSTAR
organization offers an opportunity to connect with girls who are in search of building character in an
effort to become a better person. We believe that there is a need to cater to female youth between the
ages of 3 and 18 in an effort to mold, shape, and equip them with the necessary tools to become
successful women in their communities.

Many minority based communities lack resources and programs that are needed to ensure that
females are equipped with the necessary tools to become successful. Brigham Young University was
onto something when they said “For all teen students, having an adult mentor meant a 50 percent
greater likelihood of attending college.” Furthermore, “For disadvantaged students, mentorship by a
teacher nearly doubled the odds of attending college.” It is with these aspirations that we carry out the
mission of VSTAR: to change the direction of female youth to one that is fully restorative of positivity
for their futures.

VSTAR addresses these deficits in young females by allowing mentors to come in and speak to young
girls by providing guidance in reaching goals. We understand that there is a need, and as a result, there
is VSTAR. It is my hope that you will support VSTAR in its efforts and serve as a main contributor to
enabling female youth with greater opportunities and reasons to become “Virtuous Sophisticated
Talented Amazingly Remarkable!”